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alternate maggie death scene sur 349x240 - Alternate "Maggie" Death Scene Surfaces Online

Alternate “Maggie” Death Scene Surfaces Online

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/25/2016
First, it goes without saying that this newspost contains spoilers for the Walking Dead Season 7 premiere. If you still haven’t seen the episode yet……let me ask you, if you don’t mind, WHAT are you doing online? With every page you visit, no matter what it is, your chances of being spoiled increase. Go watch […]

Is This About To Happen To Maggie?

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/30/2016
In the closing minutes of last Sunday’s Walking Dead episode, Maggie Greene — who is pregnant — suddenly doubled over with pain and collapsed, suggesting a miscarriage was about to happen. It’s an unpleasant experience for the best of us, but given what we know about the zombie condition as it is in the Kirkmanverse, […]

lauren cohan

Lauren Cohan May Be Dropping Hints At Maggie’s Future

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/15/2016
TV actress Lauren Cohan, best known as Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead, appeared in a new short interview with Entertainment Tonight which can be seen and heard here (warning: video auto-plays). Cohan told the ET reporter that fans should be “worried” about Maggie’s future. “We should definitely be as concerned as we always are […]
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The Walking Dead Recap: “Now”

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/12/2015
It was bound to happen: even in an excellent season such as this, we got an episode where not much of anything happened. The main reason for this was because, for once, somebody headed down the road to a bad decision but THEN turned around and said “You know what, never mind, this idea’s stupid.” […]

unnamed 3 - Happy 33rd Birthday Lauren Cohan

Happy 33rd Birthday Lauren Cohan

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/07/2015
We unabashedly love Lauren Cohan, so we want to join with other The Walking Dead fans in wishing her a happy 33rd birthday today. Cohan has been working in Hollywood for a while, including memorable turns on Supernatural and the Vampire Diaries, but of course for us she is Maggie Greene. She’s made her character […]
unnamed 3 - Maggie Has Not Forgotten About Beth, Robert Kirkman Says

Maggie Has Not Forgotten About Beth, Robert Kirkman Says

by Shawn Hopkinson 11/15/2014
So you’ve noticed Maggie, let’s put it charitably, doesn’t seem overly concerned about the whereabouts of Beth. And The Walking Dead Creator Robert Kirkman has noticed you’ve noticed. Don’t worry, he says, they’ll get to it. “It’s definitely something that will be explored,” Kirkman tells The Hollywood Reporter. “Maggie is aware that her sister is […]

Maggie From The Walking Dead

Lauren Cohan: ‘Maggie Knows No Limits at This Point’

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/10/2014
Warning! This article contains SPOILERS for last night’s episode 413 “Alone.” Lauren Cohan talked to the The Hollywood Reporter about the her The Walking Dead character Maggie, her desperate quest to find Glenn, and how she has to “put the warrior suit on” for a while, and some hints about future episodes. Cohan told the […]
lauren cohan maxim - Lauren Cohan Appearing In October's Edition Of Maxim Magazine

Lauren Cohan Appearing In October’s Edition Of Maxim Magazine

by Jakobion 09/21/2013
Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene, will be making an appearance in the October edition of Maxim Magazine. The actress is well known for her role in The Walking Dead, as she is the daughter of Hershel Greene. The zombie killing actress has a relationship with Glenn in the television show, and they have had […]

lauren cohan birthday 349x240 - Lauren Cohan 'Maggie Greene' Turns 31 - Happy Birthday

Lauren Cohan ‘Maggie Greene’ Turns 31 – Happy Birthday

by Jakobion 01/07/2013
Lauren Cohan, the beautiful actress who plays Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead television show, celebrates her 31st birthday today. It seems like we are just having one birthday after another as Norman Reedus just turned 44 yesterday. Lauren Cohan showed up in the series once Rick and his group of survivors stumbled upon Hershel’s Farm […]