Walking Dead’s Publisher Relocating To Portland

by on 09/05/2016

Image Comics, publishers of The Walking Dead, Saga and other acclaimed graphic novels, announced this weekend that they’re moving their HQ north. Previously based out of Berkeley, Image will be moving into the offices at the Montgomery Park building in Portland, OR. They will now reside in the same neighborhood as Oni Press, Dark Horse Comics and plenty of indie creators.

Image head Eric Stephenson revealed the company’s plans during a chat on OPB Radio (Portland’s branch of PBS). When pressed for a motive, Stephenson mentioned the Bay Area’s general suckitude. “The culture has changed a lot. It’s become more of a corporate place,” he explained.

Stephenson also cited the fact that many of the writers and artists they publish already call Portland home. “Since we have so many creators here, we’re going to be able to talk to them face-to-face instead of over the phone or email or at conventions,” he said.

Given that The Walking Dead is written and drawn elsewhere, the move won’t affect anything besides where the comic is edited. But perhaps maybe in a few issues, you’ll be seeing Zombie Tom Peterson!*

*This is how you know this newspost was written by someone who actually lives in Portland, and not by somebody from New York who has only a vague knowledge of Northwest culture. If that had been the case, you would have read crappy jokes about hipsters and kombucha in this report instead. Tom Peterson, who died recently, was an appliance salesman in Portland whose kitschy ads turned him into a local celebrity in the 1980’s. He made guest appearances in several Gus Van Sant movies.

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