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A Picture Recap Of Microsoft's E3 Conference

by Rebecca Seymannon 06/17/2015
Now that all the major studios have run their E3 conferences, the general consensus is that Sony won the show. But Microsoft put up a decent fight and showed some cool tech in the meantime. Here’s a brief recap, garnished with photos taken during the event itself. Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s XBox division and […]
companion series - Kim Dickens, Star of Walking Dead's LA Companion Series, Jokes it Will Feature 'Sexy Zombies'

Kim Dickens, Star of Walking Dead’s LA Companion Series, Jokes it Will Feature ‘Sexy Zombies’

by Rebecca Seymannon 03/11/2015
We’re used to seeing The Walking Dead in the south, where although our cast is by pure coincidence gorgeous, most people don’t freak out about a few extra pounds or some crow’s feet. But the new The Walking Dead companion series, which was just picked up for two seasons by AMC, eschews the heartland for […]

The Evil Within

Experience the Terror of The Evil Within in This New Trailer

by Rebecca Seymannon 09/19/2014
It’s gotten to a point where many horror-themed video games are content to be silly. Sure, there are zombies and stuff in them, but you can usually dispatch them with a shotgun or even a good swift kick if you happen to have been playing Resident Evil 6. That’s not going to be the case […]
Sailor Zombie

Zombie Japanese Schoolgirls Star in the Weirdest Apocalypse Ever

by Rebecca Seymannon 09/17/2014
This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a “Kawaii desu (It’s cute)!” And a bang, because Sailor Zombie is an arcade shooting game. No, you didn’t get into the bad peyote. This is a real Japanese arcade game starring popular Japanese pop girl group AKB48. AKB48 is a carefully crafted […]

H1z1 Zombie

In H1Z1 Other Zombie Fighters Can Be Friend or Foe

by Rebecca Seymannon 06/09/2014
At least the zombies are predictable. In H1Z1, a new sandbox zombie MMO from Sony Online Entertainment, it looks like the other survivors are the ones you have to watch out for. And those other survivors will be real players around the world, watching out for you. The gameplay in the new trailer looks very […]