If Daryl Dies, Will You Really Quit Watching the Show? (Poll)

by on 08/06/2014


“If Daryl Dies We Riot” is a popular theme on message boards and Facebook pages, and people are often saying that if Daryl is killed off they’ll stop watching The Walking Dead.

The subject itself often causes fan controversy, with fan arguments about whether one single character should be the most important element of a show, no matter how cool that character is. On the other hand, TV history is littered with shows that lost their special spark after losing a linchpin character, so the impulse is not completely unreasonable.

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There’s also the fact that we’re dealing with The Walking Dead here, where anyone can die, and there is a really good chance that Daryl will be killed off before the show reaches its conclusion.

I want to put it to a test. This anonymous poll frees you up to be honest. How many of you would actually quit watching if Daryl Dixon was killed off in the show? Give us your vote and we’ll see.

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