Greg Nicotero Shares New Walker Photos

by on 07/20/2015

Greg Nicotero, The Walking Dead’s special effects and makeup whiz, mentioned that the Walkers would be becoming more ghoulish in appearance this season. Today he decided to reveal two of the undead he’s been working on, in an exclusive he shared with TV.com.

walker1 - Greg Nicotero Shares New Walker Photos

Here’s a prime example. Skin melted off, open row of teeth, and…well, those white things looked like maggots at first glance, but upon closer inspection, they appear to be strands of grated cheese.

walker2 - Greg Nicotero Shares New Walker Photos

I don’t know how, exactly, one gets their intestines stuck around a tree, but that’s the dilemma for this guy. He’ll be easily picked off once Rick’s posse catches up to him.

There is actually an in-universe reason for the zombies becoming more stylized and creative as the series progresses: the longer the plague has been around, the more dessicated the first wave of infected bodies get. There might be a few who have been freshly infected, but not nearly as many as when civilization first fell. So the average Walkers the survivors come across will just look worse and worse.

If they’re too much for you, take solace in the fact that Fear The Walking Dead, being set at the onset of the outbreak, will feature far less gory Walkers (though don’t be surprised if gore is involved in the show anyway).

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