Scott Gimple: Maybe the Terminus Residents Aren’t Cannibals

by on 04/07/2014

the walking dead terminus bones - Scott Gimple: Maybe the Terminus Residents Aren't Cannibals

It’s pretty much accepted fan wisdom at this point that the occupants of Terminus are cannibals.

They’re kidnapping people, locking them in train cars, and keeping their possessions. There’s a messy pile of bones lying about. Rick knocks away the food when they offer it. It all points to Bethburgers, or at least somebody-burgers, on the grill.

But The Walking Dead Showrunner Scott Gimple says be careful what you assume. According to comicbook.com, Gimple said this in a recent print edition of TV Guide:

“As far as the bones go, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they ate those people – but it definitely doesn’t seem like anything good happened, either,” Gimple said. “We’re going to learn more about Gareth and Terminus [early next season], with answers that will come fast and furious.”

“They have a grill, but it might have simply been a parallel to the fact that [a barbecue] was the meeting place of everybody in the prison community,” Gimple said.

The other possibility, as comicbook.com and others have pointed out, is that the Teriminus residents are feeding people to walkers. AMC released this picture from a scene that wasn’t shown in the finale.

The Walking Dead Season Four Finale Walkers - Scott Gimple: Maybe the Terminus Residents Aren't Cannibals

Those sure look chained walkers who have been enjoying some nice bloody human bones.

So, is there something deeper and weirder going on? Or is this misdirection to avoid confirming the cannibal theory? We’ll probably have to wait out the six months to the season premiere to know for sure.

[Source: comicbook.com]

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