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New Set Shots From Fear The Walking Dead

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/27/2015
Entertainment Weekly has scored some behind-the-scenes photos from AMC’s upcoming Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. Seven, in fact. Their slideshow mechanic is rather wonky so we’ve pasted them all here. This, we’re told, is Travis, a schoolteacher and boyfriend of one of the central characters. He’s played by Cliff Curtis and is being […]

Adam Davidson Will Direct Walking Dead Spinoff Pilot Episode

by Alex Beanon 10/25/2014
Academy Award-winning director Adam Davidson has been selected to direct the pilot episode of “The Walking Dead” spinoff series that will begin filming later this year and is expected to debut in 2015. The spinoff’s plot premise will have it with the same zombie apocalypse setting as the current show but in a different location. […]