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The Walking Dead/Breaking Bad

Fan Made The Breaking Dead Intro Bridges Two of AMC’s Hottest Shows

by Shawn Hopkinson 06/11/2014
Inspired by fan theories that Breaking Bad is actually a prequel to The Walking Dead, mattknight put together this new intro for The Breaking Dead, an imaginary show that bridges the gap between the two. It goes above and beyond just recutting footage and creates its own fiction. Check out the Albuquerque Journal newspapers near […]
Rick Grimes Vs. Walter White

Rick Grimes is Lethal on the Mic in ‘Epic Rap Battle’ Against Walter White

by Shawn Hopkinson 05/05/2014
  I’ve always gotten a kick out of the Epid Rap Battles of History series. The Bill Gates/Steve Jobs smackdown is something you have to experience. But this latest video is in my wheelhouse, doing stuff and things with my wheels. The stars of two of AMC’s biggest shows, Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead, […]

The Walking Dead/Breaking Bad

Is Breaking Bad a Prequel to The Walking Dead?

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/03/2014
The clues are there, says HitFix writer Donna Dickens. You just have to look. The first clue, of course, is that Merle’s stash from season 2 clearly had Blue Sky in it, Breaking Bad’s Walter White’s super-pure, super potent new form of crystal meth. Ha ha, just a reference, right? But Dickens digs deeper. “Doesn’t […]
the walking dead season 2 trailer2 349x240 - Disappointing Walking Dead Trailer During Breaking Bad Premiere

Disappointing Walking Dead Trailer During Breaking Bad Premiere

by Jakobion 07/18/2011
Well fans have been waiting for something to be released by AMC for The Walking Dead season 2, and fans got a piece during the July 17th premiere of the AMC show Breaking Bad.  While it was an inside look into the next season, many people including myself, felt it was pretty disappointing.  On Sunday […]