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Last Five Season Five Episode Titles Feature Mind-Blowing Connection

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/03/2015
There’s a bizarre literary link between the episode titles of the last four episode titles in this season, and it all has to do with dear departed Dale. This theory is currently being discussed on our forums in this thread, started by member jwcoombs. As has been revealed, the last five episode titles are: Episode […]

Dale’s Big Speech, In Song

by Shawn Hopkinson 05/13/2014
 Mykel2321 took one of the biggest moments from early The Walking Dead, Dale’s “There’s No Civilization” speech, and set it to music so Dale could talk-sing his words of wisdom. I’m undecided if Dale’s stutter takes away from or adds to the musicality. There’s kind of a beat to it that’s nice.

Maggie played by Lauren Cohan

‘Maggie’ Is Set For Larger Role In Season 3

by Jakobion 04/10/2012
The Walking Dead season 3 will soon be getting underway and it looks like somebody will be around a lot more, which is Maggie. Maggie, played by Lauren Cohan, has been given the green light for a solid role in the next season of The Walking Dead. While first making her appearance in season 2, she has […]