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Destiny Myths Busted in New Video Series

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/02/2014
DefendTheHouse made some great videos busting (and confirming) gamer myths about Titanfall. Now they’ve moved on to Destiny with a new video. The first Destiny video focuses on topics like splattering enemies with sparrows and killing hobgoblins with their shields up. The most amazing revelation, however, is that you really can dodge some damage from […]

Bust Some More Titanfall Myths With This Fun Video

by Shawn Hopkinson 04/29/2014
  The Titanfall Mythbusters guys DefendTheHouse just keep bringing the good stuff. In this epsiode we find out that, yes, you can ride on a search drone. And it looks hilarious, like some kind of funky chicken dance. There’s also the hilarious spectacle of watching auto Titans futilely try to destroy domed Titans with melee […]