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Battlefield TV Series In Production (Again)

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/11/2016
Paramount has snatched up the rights to a Battlefield TV series and will begin development soon. There is no current deal with a distributor, but any broadcast, cable, premium cable, or streaming service is possible. This is the second time Hollywood has attempted to translate the military shooter to the small screen. Previously, the Battlefield […]

AMC Options “NOS4A2” For Potential New Horror Series

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/08/2015
In 2013 a horror novel called “NOS4A2” was written by Joe Hill and published by William Morrow. AMC has just purchased the television rights and will begin development on a possible TV series adaption. Deadline reported the news today. The novel’s central character is Victoria “Vic” McQueen, who has the supernatural ability to ALWAYS find […]

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Van Helsing Had A Daughter, Who Got Her Own Series

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/03/2015
You’re all familiar with the vampire hunter known as Van Helsing, correct? He first appeared in Bram Stoker’s 1987 Dracula novel. Like any old public domain character, he’s had plenty of adaptions and reinterpretations over the decades cinema has existed. In 2012 Universal announced they wanted to make a new Van Helsing movie — which […]

Hack/Slash Being Developed For…..Small Screen

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/16/2015
A funny thing happened between the time Hack/Slash put “SLATED TO BE A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE BY ROGUE PICTURES!!!” on the top of every issue it printed and now. Whatever movie was planned at one point got stalled, and eventually fell into the Development Hell that most Hollywood scripts wind up in. The publisher of […]

Dead7 - VH-1's Carrie Keagan Joins Dead 7 Cast

VH-1’s Carrie Keagan Joins Dead 7 Cast

by Alex Beanon 08/22/2015
Carrie Keagan of [mostly] music network VH-1 has joined the cast of the upcoming SyFy original television movie, “Dead 7” in the lead female role opposite Nick Carter [from the Backstreet Boys boy band]. With a script also by Carter, the movie is essentially a zombie western which revolves around a group of gunslingers as […]
emp - George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Coming To Life

George Romero’s Empire Of The Dead Coming To Life

by Alex Beanon 05/21/2015
George Romero’s 15-issue graphic novel published by Marvel Comics entitled “Empire of the Dead” is slated to get a possible television series. No further announcement was made as to which network would televise the adaptation – where the “Empire of the Dead” is populated by a vampire/zombie mix – or what year it would air […]

walking dead ratings1 349x240 - Walking Dead TV Ratings Continue On Killing

Walking Dead TV Ratings Continue On Killing

by Jakobion 01/23/2013
Who would have thought that a show about the zombie apocalypse would draw fans and fanatics worldwide, and continue to break records not only for the AMC network, but for the industry. The hit television show, The Walking Dead, is the television show that everyone is talking about lately and the popularity continues to grow. […]