Destiny Adds Doubles Skirmish PVP Mode

by on 01/23/2015

Got a good bro? A guy or gal (girls can be bros) you can always depend on in the clutch? Then you might want to try Destiny’s new Doubles Skirmish mode, which pits two teams to two players against each other in the Crucible. It’s like doubles Tennis, but with death.
The more intimate mode leaves revives on, gives out heavy ammo once a match and ratchets down your super recharge times, which means you gotta make that sweet space magic count.
“Your supers will come back more slowly because you’re not getting as many actions per minute as you would in a game of Control,” said Destiny Design Lead Lars Bakken in Bungie’s weekly update.
“The goal here was about taking the rules we already have and mixing them up to create a fresh experience,” Lars says. “Each player has the full weight of winning or losing placed squarely on their shoulders and nobody to blame but themselves… or their teammate. No pressure.”
You can see a recap of the rules in the image below. Let us know what you think of the mode on our forums.
2v2 - Destiny Adds Doubles Skirmish PVP Mode

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