Destiny Update Now Live, Making Atheon Even Tougher

by on 10/28/2014

A new Destiny update is up. Some players will love it and some will hate it, it really all depends on how you feel about fair play.
Before this update the boss of the end-game Vault of Glass Raid, Atheon, could be cheesed through by forcing him off his platform. That’s obviously not how Bungie designed it, so the patch fixes that along with a few other miscellaneous bug fixes. It also makes Atheon tougher generally, because he now chooses random targets to teleport to other dimensions. Bungie says his previous, more strategically exploitable, behavior of teleporting the three players furthest away when he casts it was a bug.
Bungie community manager David “DeeJ” Dague said he knew that the Atheon changes would be controversial in a blog post.
I talked a lot to the developers about your opinions on the matter. You don’t want to be selected at random. You want to choose who gets to fetch the Relic under fire from those nasty Oracles. I spoke on your behalf. Your voice was heard. We discussed your concerns.
I even said “Why not just change Hard Mode and leave Easy Mode alone?”
I was told “The Raid is never supposed to be easy.”
That’s the bottom line, he said. A tough Atheon is how the raid was intended to play.
This is an activity that was designed to be undertaken by a hardcore team that is ready and willing to adapt and improvise to changing battle conditions. Like the moment when the Templar shields random players, the Final Boss was supposed to be extremely dangerous.
Here are the full patch notes for the update:
Fixed an issue in which multiple errors reported with Zebra error codes
Errors previously reporting as Zebra will now display as their own separate codes
Fixed a rare issue related to being Kicked To Login repeatedly
Fixed a rare issue that resulted in a Kick To Orbit reported with the Cockatoo error code
Fixed an issue where some players would occasionally be erroneously kicked at the beginning of an activity due to a server error
Increased protection against account corruption
Fixed an issue where Atheon was not choosing random targets for teleport through the timestream during the final encounter on the Vault of Glass
Fixed an exploit where Atheon could be forced off his platform
More updates are to follow as we continue to support Destiny. Future enhancements being worked on include Exotic Weapon tuning, new features for voice communication between matchmade teammates, and the ability to hold more Bounties in your pocket at any time.

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