Norman Reedus Talks With Yahoo TV

by on 04/02/2015

Norman Reedus sat down for an interview with Yahoo TV shortly after The Walking Dead’s fifth season finale aired. He discusses his thoughts on Daryl, the events of the season, and how the Wolves could factor into Season 6 (as an actor, not a writer, he doesn’t know).

When asked how he could picture Daryl’s death, Norman couldn’t at all:You know, I don’t want to see him die. If Daryl would ever leave the show, I would want him to just walk off into the distance and have like a little dog or a little wolf puppy who just starts following him up over a hill. Some people would be like, “Whatever happened to that guy?” It would be like The Legend of Billy Jack or something. Like, whatever happened to that guy? But I don’t even want that to happen. I really like Daryl.

Norman thinks the Wolves are scarier than Gareth: “I think they’re way scarier than Gareth! I think that somebody who hides and just stabs you in the back, there’s a weakness to them. You can probably crack those people much earlier. I can see Gareth crying at the end of a gun, “Please don’t kill me. I didn’t mean to eat all your friends.” The Wolves, they kind of have another feeling… they’re just going to go shoot me… and they’re not going to cry if using a pistol.

Norman’s chain whip was part-CGI: “I was very excited to see that chain whipping thingy, because you kind of do it, and then you leave it up to Victor [Scalise] of the special effects team. They tell you how cool it’s going to look and you’re like, mmmm… the chain doesn’t really go to the actors’ faces, it’s about a foot short just in case I accidentally whip them in the face. You just kind of picture a certain Indiana Jones thing going on. I was very excited. I should send him a bottle of champagne or something.”

Norman still has Andy Lincoln’s beard: It’s still in the fridge in a Ziploc bag. It’s still there, and it’s not going anywhere. I’m not giving him his beard back. He knows better than that.

Read the full interview here.

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