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This Walking Dead Funko Figure Got Someone In Trouble

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/25/2018
Funko has been making Walking Dead figures for several years now, some depicting memorable scenes from the comics or TV show… How did one man’s Funko get him in hot water? Most Walking Dead fans are familiar with this image of Michonne, who is introduced to the story carrying along zombified versions of her friends […]

Negan Vs. Glenn Action Figures To Be Offered At SDCC

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/17/2016
One of The Walking Dead’s most famous moments will be immortalized in plastic soon as MacFarlane Toys prepares to offer the Negan vs. Glenn package at San Diego Comic-Con. The pair will come in one box and be exclusive to the convention. As you can see on the package, it “Comes With EXCLUSIVE Smashed Glenn […]

twd darylfabrikations - NYCC Introduces Crazy New Walking Dead Merch

NYCC Introduces Crazy New Walking Dead Merch

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/09/2015
New York City Comic-Con is in full swing, and a lot of new information regarding all things Walking Dead is coming out as a result. On the merchandise side of things, we have these giant-headed Pop! Vinyl figures from Funko. From left to right we have Rick Grimes with his gun, a stoic Morgan with […]
rick grimes

Giant Rick Grimes Can Be Yours For $400

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/18/2015
Got four hundred dollars? Go buy a Playstation 4. Already have a Playstation 4? Them maybe we might interest you in this giant Rick Grimes figure. We do mean giant, at least by collectible figurine standards. At 18 inches in height, he’s twice as big as most Subway sandwiches and tall enough to stand next […]

the walking dead action figures 349x240 - The Walking Dead Action Figures: Pre-Order now!

The Walking Dead Action Figures: Pre-Order now!

by Jakobion 04/22/2011
The Walking Dead action figures are a great gift or collectible  for any fan of  the Robert Kirkman series.  The toys or collectibles are set to be released to the public for sale in September 2011, and there are a few sets out there to get.  The Walking Dead action figures come individually wrapped and stand at […]