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Weird Portals Are Appearing In Fortnite

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/04/2019
What are the strange vinelike portals in Fortnite about? They began showing up today in a specific part of the map. These portals look a LOT like the ones you see on the walls in Stranger Things episodes….and by no coincidence, that show just happened to drop its third season at midnight last night. You […]

Amazing Titanfall Satchel Charge Kill

by Shawn Hopkinson 06/24/2014
  For a second in this video it looks like the pilot Jgz1994 is up against is going to get away clean. It gets tense, both Titans blow, both pilots eject, and the enemy pilot is soon sailing through the sky, thinking about things, not a care in the world. But then he gets handed […]