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Quitters No Longer Tolerated In Halo: The Master Chief Collection

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/13/2015
Halo: The Master Chief Collection has been having some problems with players who quit the game abruptly when it looks like they’re losing. There are also “betrayers,” those who act against their own teammates….and then there are the unexplainable players who start a match and just stand there until they die. As of this week, […]
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The 1 TB XBox One Is A Reality

by Peter Paltridgeon 06/05/2015
A few days ago an image of a new controller for the XBox One was leaked out that showed a headphone jack on its bottom. We figured the controller would be announced at E3, and it apparently will, but it’s part of a larger package. Amazon “broke street date,” as it were, and listed a […]

Beth and Daryl The Walking Dead

$349 White XBox Will Come Stuffed With Halos

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/20/2015
XBox One will be $349 with a game again this month, provided you want a white one. Previous “white” XBox Ones have been issued for a Sunset Overdrive bundle as well as a special edition that employees were given upon launch of the One. This version is tied to the Halo series. The console will […]