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Call of Duty Heroes Updated

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/21/2015
Call of Duty Heroes, the mobile offshoot of the famed shooter franchise, has been updated. This update adds the Atlas units from its big brother console game Advanced Warfare, as well as a new Atlas Facility to build and station them in. Copying base layouts has been made easier, new Alliance Chat notifications have been […]
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Download The Walking Dead Soundtrack

by Jakobion 03/17/2013
The Walking Dead soundtrack is now available for download. AMC recently announced that the first set of songs are available on Amazon as well as iTunes. The soundtrack will then arrive in stores next week on March 19th. The soundtrack features some of their best music from the award winning television show.   The Walking Dead […]

Download The Walking Dead Game on iTunes

The Walking Dead: The Game – Now Available For iOS

by Jakobion 07/27/2012
The Walking Dead: The Game, has now come to iOS and is available for download for your favorite Apple device. The game, created by Telltale, is based on The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse where you play the role of Lee Everett. The first episode, called “A New Day”, became available on July 26th with the rest of the episodes […]