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two sneak peeks from next sunday 349x240 - Two Sneak Peeks From Next Sunday's Walking Dead

Two Sneak Peeks From Next Sunday’s Walking Dead

by Peter Paltridgeon 10/11/2019
AMC has released two clips from next Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead. Wanna check ’em out? This episode starts with a woman blacked out on her steering wheel, evidently having just crashed. The constant noise of the car horn starts attracting Walkers, and meanwhile we’re wondering, “have we seen this woman before? Who does […]

New Walking Dead Promo: Meet Lydia

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/27/2019
Who has AMC revealed in their latest midseason promo? Fans of the Walking Dead television programme. meet Lydia. And her mother’s gun. Lydia is a young member of the Whisperers, the latest gang of baddies to cause conflict with our heroes. In the comics, she is the only member of the Whisperers to reveal her […]