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Guardians Poster Rooker

Michael Rooker Goes From Merle to Marvel With Guardians of the Galaxy

by Shawn Hopkinson 07/31/2014
Michael Rooker’s character Merle on The Walking Dead was not, by any stretch, a nice person. But you couldn’t help but like him a bit anyway, and that all came down to Rooker’s deft performance. That seems to be why Rooker was hired to play Yondu, a blue-skinned Centurian bounty hunter in the Marvel Studios […]

Shhh… Don’t Tell Them You Have Pudding

by memeuserson 03/01/2014
Shh… Don’t Tell Them You Have Pudding. Create your own The Walking Dead memes!

Michael Rooker Returning to The Walking Dead in Season 3

by Jackon 03/19/2012
The Walking Dead Season 2 finale aired last night and although it might be quite a while before Season 3 is back on TV, we already have some news about it. Michael Rooker, who plays Merle Dixon, said he will be returning to The Walking Dead in season 3 in which had to loose 20 […]