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In The UK, Amazon Won't Let You Buy Your Favorite Games Without A Prime Membership

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/22/2016
In some ways there are advantages to living in the UK…for example, if you get horribly sick, you can rely on the NHS (National Health Service) and not go bankrupt because of your illness. On the other hand, if you want to buy Grand Theft Auto V, and you want to use Amazon to do […]
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The Rainbow Six XBox One Bundle Is Real, And So Is Another

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/05/2016
Yesterday we reported the Italian version of Amazon accidentally let out a photo of a Rainbow Six bundle for the XBox One. Today Microsoft formally announced that bundle, as well as another one no one knew about. As we previously said, the RS bundle has a 1 TB hard drive and comes with the new […]

37471395144560 - Europe Getting Rainbow Six XBox One Bundle

Europe Getting Rainbow Six XBox One Bundle

by Peter Paltridgeon 01/04/2016
Amazon Italy let this little image slip out: apparently, a special XBox One bundle is being readied for retailers based around Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six franchise. If this listing is correct, the new bundle is scheduled to launch on January 10 for $400. This will be the 1 TB model of the XBox One and will […]
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Rainbow Six Siege Delayed By Two Months

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/18/2015
Bad news today: Ubisoft’s next Rainbow Six shooter, this one subtitled Siege, has been delayed. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that it’s only by two months. A lot of delays can hit major games for even longer. Ubisoft said in a blog post that the delay was felt necessary due to player feedback on […]