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Evolve Out Now, Check Out the Official Launch Trailer

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/11/2015
Turtle Rock Studios’ long-awaited four vs. one (big monster) shooter is upon us, and they’ve released an intense new trailer to celebrate. Evolve features four vs. one matches, with four players serving as hunters and one playing the monster. The hunter classes include trapper, support, medic, and assault, with various pre-made characters within those classes […]

Evolve Reveals New Behemoth Monster, Starts Xbox One Open Beta Thursday

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/14/2015
In advance of Evolve’s Xbox One open beta starting this week, Turtle Rock Studios has released a trailer showing off a newly revealed monster you may fight against, or as if it strikes your fancy, in Evolve. The Behemoth is a huge, imposing, monster that can become a boulder and roll around the environment. It’s […]

Here's The Intro For Ambitious Upcoming Shooter Evolve

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/09/2015
Via IGN we have the intro cinematic for 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios ambitious upcoming shooter Evolve. We get an impression of a nasty, high-tech fight where teamwork counts. There’s also a hint at some impressive abilities for both the four hunter classes and the monster. Evolve will feature four vs. one matches, with […]