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The Walking Dead Season 2 Scene Video!

by on 06/14/2011

season 2 filming video - The Walking Dead Season 2 Scene Video!

As many of us know The Walking Dead season 2 has been filming in Atlanta and is set to pick up where it left off in season 1.  The end of season 1, “TS-19“, ended with the group of survivors fleeing from the CDC as the building was about to destruct and obliterate them all.  The crew is once again back in Atlanta and filming for what will become The Walking Dead season 2.  The CDC, which really wasn’t the CDC, is actually the Cobb Galleria Centre located near the Cumberland Mall.

We were able to find a video that shows the crew filming a scene for The Walking Dead season 2 near the “CDC”, and it happens to be some people that captured the action from their office.  The scene shows the camper from the end of season 1 speeding away from a large group of zombies as it heads down the street.  This happens to be where the show left off at the end of season 1 when they were able to get out of the “CDC” and make it to safety.  The Walking Dead season 2 is underway and fans are doing all they can to sneak a peek.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Video


I think I can say that everyone is pumped that filming has started and we cannot wait for more fan videos to be aired out on the internet for The Walking Dead season 2.  The video capturing The Walking Dead season 2 is actually at a great vantage point as it captures the entire street along with the entire route of the camper.  While not all videos may be this good, we can say that this is certainly a great shot.  The hype surrounding The Walking Dead season 2 will continue to grow and videos such as this will only feed the fire.

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