Laurie Holden Podcast Interview

by on 04/19/2011

laurie holden podcast interview - Laurie Holden Podcast Interview

Laurie Holden Podcast interview is something for all fans to check out to learn more about her character and her thoughts on the show.  Laurie Holden who plays Andrea on The Walking Dead goes into detail about her thoughts on the show and where it’s heading. During the Laurie Holden Podcast Interview, Laurie talks about her character and how it has developed along with who the character is.trans - Laurie Holden Podcast Interview She describes that in Season 2 and Season 3 of the show her bad ass character will emerge and will become a strong person in the series.  Also during the Laurie Holden Podcast Interview, she goes into how Andrea is destroyed by the lost of her sister will make Andrea a strong person in the seasons to come.

Laurie Holden was born in Los Angeles, California, and when she was 5 years old her parents divorced.  Her mother ended up marrying a director which probably helped to put her in a position of acting and in the Hollywood scene.  When she was a teenager she won “Look of the Year” in a Toronto modeling pageant.

Laurie Holden Podcast

Laurie also hints on what her and Dale will become relationship wise and what that will mean for the future of the series. Take a moment and listen to the Laurie Holden Podcast interview and have a chance to really understand where Andrea, or Laurie Holden is picturing for the show or where they think the show is heading.  The Laurie Holden Podcast interview will truly give fans that edge or future insight that will have the die hard fans picture of even imaging where the show is going to go.  If your a fan then the Laurie Holden Podcast Interview is definately for you.

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