Next Titanfall Update Brings Marked For Death, Titan Burn Cards and Insignias

by on 06/25/2014

Respawn Entertainment has shared details of the upcoming Update 4 for Titanfall, and there are quite a few goodies to mix up the game.
The biggest addition is called Featured Game Mode. This will introduce a rotation of new, limited time game modes. The first mode to be added through Featured Game Mode will be Marked for Death, which is like a lethal version of it where one player on each team is marked and teams must try to destroy the other teams’s marked player while defending their own.
The already announced Wingman Last Titan Standing, a tighter and more strategic two-on-two Last Titan Standing, will also be added to Featured Game Mode “shortly after.”
The update will also bring 14 new burn cards for Titans with intriguing names like “Amped Particle Wall.” You won’t lose these burn cards if you’re killed as a pilot, only if you are killed as a Titan.
You can also unlock various insignia for your Titans by completing challenges and customize your Titan’s OS voice between three options. The OS’s will also have more helpful things to say. Respawn also promises matchmaking improvements and numerous other improvements and bugfixes.
You can check out the full list here.
No date yet for the update, except for a “coming soon.”

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