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Episode Titles For The Remainder Of The Walking Dead Season 3

by Jakobion 01/15/2013
The second half of season 3 is getting ready to start this February 10th and we have the episode titles for the rest of the third season. While many already knew about episode 9, “The Suicide King”, the others are some new ones that weren’t known before. We can start to guess what these may […]

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode List

by Jackon 09/28/2012
The Walking Dead season 3 premiere is just 16 days away and we have the first seven episode titles of the new season. The title of an episode can cause quite a bit of speculation about what it means, and we now know what the first seven episodes are called, which means it is time […]

New Episodes Will Have a Faster Pace

by Jakobion 01/29/2012
The Walking Dead is set to pick up this February after the thrilling end to the first set of episodes this past November, and the story will now pick up even faster. The season finale that took place was great, but there was a lot of fans complaining that it took too long to get […]

The Walking Dead TV Show Versus The Comic

by Jakobion 08/28/2011
f you haven’t had a chance to read The Walking Dead comic but want to know how the comics differ from the TV series this should help fill in the gaps, and I will try to pass over the more trivial things. For instance, in the comics Rick puts on a pair of jeans and […]

Watch The Walking Dead Online

by Jakobion 06/20/2011
Many fans are still out there looking where to watch The Walking Dead online as maybe they missed an episode or they want to check it out again.  While it has been awhile since the first season of The Walking Dead aired you can still watch The Walking Dead online and get all caught up before […]