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Dying Light

Dying Light Game Touts its ‘Zombie Consultant’ in New Viral Video

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/30/2014
This new ad for Dying Light, Techland’s upcoming zombie fighting game, plays out like any of dozens of self-congratulatory promotional videos from games companies. With one twist. It’s all about Steve, the game’s “zombie consultant” who happens to be a zombie. The funny video shows how having a real zombie on staff helps make the […]
zomb - Zombie Catchers Gameplay Trailer

Zombie Catchers Gameplay Trailer

by Alex Beanon 10/27/2014
Give your brain some time to process the two-death-in-one-episode you just saw by catching some zombies in the “Zombie Catchers” iOS-compatible game available as a download for free on October 30, 2014…

Dying Light

Dying Light Offers Special Bundle for You and Three of Your Friends

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/21/2014
Techland, maker of the new zombie-killing game Dying Light, is so committed to the game’s co-op experience that it’s offering a discount to those who want to play that way. For the price of three copies, a player can pre-purchase four copies of the game on Steam, one to keep and three to give away […]
In Harm's Way Teaser

Telltale Games The Walking Dead Game Will Get Third Season

by Shawn Hopkinson 07/30/2014
We haven’t even seen the last episode of season two of Telltale Games’ brilliant The Walking Dead adventure game yet, but the company has already confirmed it will do a season three. In what will certainly be welcome news to fans of the series, the company announced at Skybound Entertainment’s weekend Comic-Con International panel that […]

Download The Walking Dead Game on iTunes

The Walking Dead: The Game – Now Available For iOS

by Jakobion 07/27/2012
The Walking Dead: The Game, has now come to iOS and is available for download for your favorite Apple device. The game, created by Telltale, is based on The Walking Dead zombie apocalypse where you play the role of Lee Everett. The first episode, called “A New Day”, became available on July 26th with the rest of the episodes […]