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Here’s How Walking Dead And Fear The Walking Dead Will Cross Over

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/27/2017
Remember when Kirkman confirmed The Walking Dead and its spinoff would finally have their storylines cross in some form? We have more information as of today…who is the character that travels between shows? When we last saw the characters in Fear they were on their way to Houston, Texas, which is closer to the locations […]
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Lennie James Talks Morgan’s Latest Shift

by Peter Paltridgeon 03/15/2017
Morgan has been several different people at this point. When we first met him in the pilot he was somewhat of a normal, average dude. When he reappeared much later, he’d been driven mad by the savagery of the apocalypse and had turned into a killing machine. Later on he had transformed into a staff-wielding […]

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Lennie James Just Isn’t Talking To People

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/09/2016
How would Morgan, the pacifist stick-walker who wanders through the Walking Dead world, deal with a bunch of people desperate to know his secrets? He would probably just clam up, ignore them and keep walking. It’s fitting that Lennie James, who plays Morgan on the show, employs the same strategy, as he confessed to EW. […]
walking dead season 6 premiere 001 - NYCC 2015: The Walking Dead 2015 Fan Premiere Gallery

NYCC 2015: The Walking Dead 2015 Fan Premiere Gallery

by Locon 10/12/2015
The Walking Dead 2015 Fan Premiere took place on the Friday night of New York Comic Con at Madison Square Garden. What better way to spend your Friday evening than seeing the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead, “First Time Again” and your favorite TWD stars? If your answer was anything other than, “There […]

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Summer Movies Featuring Walking Dead Characters

by Jakobion 05/23/2011
Well while its still about 5 months away until we can watch season 2 of The Walking Dead, we can for the moment, catch some of the new found Walking Dead characters of the TV show in some summer movies.  These might quench your thirst to watch some of your favorite Walking Dead characters before the […]