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Fortnite BRUTEs DeBRUTalized Further

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/23/2019
At this point, we would be surprised if the entire BRUTE concept remains past Season 10 — they’re not very popular, except with the weasels who score an easy win with them. Their presence in Fortnite has been greatly reduced and as of today, they’re capable of even less. Instead of outright removal, they’re facing […]
fortnite season 10

Fortnite BRUTEs Getting A Nerf, But Is It Enough?

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/10/2019
Are the BRUTEs the most unpopular addition to Fortnite there has ever been? The giant mechs have only been operational for a little over a week, but fans everywhere are howling for their removal from the game. #RemoveTheMech was Twitter’s top trending hashtag yesterday. As it is, winning a match pretty much depends on two […]

fortnite season 10

The BRUTEs Arrive As Fortnite Season 10 Begins

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/02/2019
Fortnite Season 10 landed today with a bang — the bang of giant mechs called BRUTES hitting the ground! Does the latest crazy new idea from Epic throw the balance off Fortnite, or are BRUTEs just what the game needed to stay fresh? BRUTEs appear at random on the map, and you can spot them […]
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Don't Call Advanced Warfare 'Sci-Fi,' Sledgehammer Says

by Shawn Hopkinson 05/30/2014
Ex0-suits, mechs, and those hover bike things sure look pretty sci-fi to me, but in a recent interview Sledgehammer Games’ co-founders Michael Condrey and Glen Schofield rejected the term “I think Call of Duty resonates because it’s believable and relatable. It’s always been one of the strengths of the franchise,”  Condrey told Game Informer. Condrey said […]