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Time-Lapse Video Shows Evolution Of The Zombie

by Peter Paltridgeon 02/03/2016
The idea behind The Walking Dead is not a new one. Zombies have been depicted in cinema nearly as long as cinema itself has existed, though the concept had to be softened in the Hays Code years. It was 1968’s Night of the Living Dead that broke the ice and set the stage for countless […]

What Happened To Teresa? Only Slash Knows

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/09/2015
Slash made a horror movie. Again. I’m referring to the guitarist with the top hat and cane, formerly of Guns ‘n Roses — he makes movies now. I never saw his first one, so I’m in no position to judge his filmmaking skills (even if he’s just the producer). His next film, “The Hell Within,” […]

chasingghosts - "Chasing Ghosts," Starring Meghan, Now Released

“Chasing Ghosts,” Starring Meghan, Now Released

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/23/2015
Last year WDF conducted an interview with Meyrick Murphy, who played Meghan in previous seasons of The Walking Dead. She turned out to be a bright adolescent with a deep interest in astrophysics, and she also mentioned a film of hers called “Chasing Ghosts” which would be out soon. After some delays, Murphy’s movie has […]
demon1 - "Demon Hole" Claims To Bring 80's Spirit Back

“Demon Hole” Claims To Bring 80’s Spirit Back

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/14/2015
Most horror fans share a fondness for the 1980’s, when practical physical effects were as plentiful as water, nothing was ever softened down to a PG-13 for sales purposes, and there was more of a sense of…fun. Josh Crook, director of a new horror-comedy flick called Demon Hole, hears you and aims to fix the […]

assault of the sasquatch dvd cover artwork 349x240 - Casting Call for Synthetic Cinema Horror Movies in Hartford

Casting Call for Synthetic Cinema Horror Movies in Hartford

by Jakobion 03/07/2013
Synthetic Cinema is holding some casting calls for some horror flicks in Hartford Connecticut. The casting call will be on March 17th, and they are looking for people to play small roles or extras. The casting call will be held at the TheaterWorks between the hours of 10AM and 4PM at 223 Pearl St. If […]