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pubg campers

PUBG Working On Cure For The Common Camper

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/09/2019
The battle royale genre has an unavoidable flaw: it attracts campers. Since the action inevitably slides closer and closer to one point, there will always be those who hang around that point until the others arrive. Having prepared by that point, they’ll pick them off one by one. Campers tend to ruin the fun. But […]
Aftermath Survival Pass

PUBG Aftermath Survival Pass Now Available

by Peter Paltridgeon 07/30/2019
There’s plenty to do in the fourth season of PUBG, but do you need more? PUBG Corp is more than happy to oblige….for a price; you know how it is. What does the new Aftermath Survival Pass (also known as a battle pass) add to the game? Once purchased, the Aftermath Survival Pass will add […]

training mode

PUBG Gets A Training Mode Next Month

by Peter Paltridgeon 08/22/2018
Can PUBG catch up to Fortnite? The distance between them in the race seems to be growing every week, but PUBG Corp is sprinting as hard as they can. The company has announced a multi-project initiative with the blunt name of “Fix PUBG.” Because why lie? “Fix PUBG” will consist of multiple content updates dedicated […]

PUBG Corp Is Now Suing Copycats

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/06/2018
Once a video game idea catches on, can anything really be done about parasitical knockoff responses to it? It depends on how close the “inspiration” is to the original….does PUBG have a case in their new lawsuit? Anyone who’s browsed mobile storefronts like the App Store for longer than three seconds knows how lawless it […]


Bluehole Spins Off Subsidiary Company Devoted To PUBG

by Peter Paltridgeon 09/30/2017
Why is Bluehole, the developer behind Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, splitting in two? And what does Chinese company Tencent have to do with it? The reason Bluehole is gaining a second hole is because it really needs one. The Korean company has decided to form a subsidiary company dedicated solely to PUBG, now that it will most […]