David Morrissey Sees The Booing By Fans As A Compliment To ‘The Governor’

by on 12/28/2013

david morrissey - David Morrissey Sees The Booing By Fans As A Compliment To 'The Governor'

David Morrissey, who played The Governor, recently said that all the booing that he hears from fans is really a good thing, and that he honestly takes them as a compliment.

When he hears the boos he feels that he did a good job at playing the role of The Governor, and the fans are just reacting to that.

“My fanbase in America has really grown, and I love that – they’re very vocal fans, and amazing and I find it so heart-warming to be amongst them – even though they boo me because I’m the villain! But that means I’m doing a good job.”

The Governor has been a pain for Rick Grimes and the people he protects. The season 4 mid-season finale ended with him killing the beloved Hershel Greene, which has really upset fans near and far.

I’m on Twitter so I get messages from South America and the Far East, Europe and everywhere, all over the world.”

There was some redemption though as The Governor was eventually shot by Carl Grimes, and was finished off by Michonne when she stabbed him through his chest with her sword. The Governor may be gone, but his mark on fans will remain for some time.

The Walking Dead will continue season 4 this February when the show picks up after the final assault on the prison. The group must now abandon the prison, and look for a new place to start again.

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  • Susan. Just Susan.
    12/28/2013 at 5:07 pm

    OK… to whoever wrote this, did you actually watch the season finale?? Rick did NOT shoot the governor! Rick was SHOT BY the governor [probably by the governor or somebody from his group, in the leg], but Rick didnt kill the governor. Michonne stabbed the governor through the back and chest, while he was straddling Rick and choking the life out of him. They walked away, leaving the governor to writhe in pain, clutching the gaping chest wound left by Michonne’s katana and howling in pain. Then, towards the end of the show, we see Lily, the woman the governor had taken up with, approaching him as he lay there and SHE shot him in the head! Seriously… at least ask a few people to make sure you’ve got the details straight before you put something like this out there.


  • Walkingdeadfan
    12/30/2013 at 12:11 pm

    Wrong Michonne Stabbed him then lily “Shot” him


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