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walking dead season 6 premiere 001 - NYCC 2015: The Walking Dead 2015 Fan Premiere Gallery

NYCC 2015: The Walking Dead 2015 Fan Premiere Gallery

by Locon 10/12/2015
The Walking Dead 2015 Fan Premiere took place on the Friday night of New York Comic Con at Madison Square Garden. What better way to spend your Friday evening than seeing the season 6 premiere of The Walking Dead, “First Time Again” and your favorite TWD stars? If your answer was anything other than, “There […]
emi - Emily Kinney To Become Bug-Eyed Bandit

Emily Kinney To Become Bug-Eyed Bandit

by Alex Beanon 02/09/2015
Emily Kinney [aka Beth Greene] is slated to become Brie Larvan – a female version of the DC Comics villain, the Bug-Eyed Bandit – in an upcoming episode of the popular “The Flash” superhero television series on the CW network. The episode of “The Flash” containing Kinney is expected to be Episode 18, airing on […]

emilykinney large - Emily Kinney Will Guest Star on ABC's 'Forever'

Emily Kinney Will Guest Star on ABC’s ‘Forever’

by Shawn Hopkinson 01/15/2015
Guess there is life after Beth after all. Ooh, okay, sorry for the horrible pun. But Emily Kinney is moving on from Beth with a new guest-starring role in ABC’s Forever. Kinney will appear in the upcoming 16th episode of the series, which is about a medical examiner in New York who is 2,000 years […]
normal twd0508 2629 - Emily Kinney Admits Beth Made a Big 'Mistake'

Emily Kinney Admits Beth Made a Big ‘Mistake’

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/18/2014
The one thing that has bugged us about Beth’s death in the weeks since the mid-season finale is easy to name. It didn’t make any damn sense. Beth’s decision to attack a woman with a gun with her tiny pair of scissors seems like a sudden lunatic impulse. It upset some fans so much that […]

Rockstar Music Video Featuring Emily Kinney

Emily Kinney Moves on From The Walking Dead With New Music Video ‘Rockstar’

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/09/2014
Beth may be gone for good, despite fan petitions to the contrary, but it doesn’t seem to be getting Emily Kinney down as she focuses on her music career in a perky new music video. The new video and song for Kinney’s “Rockstar” sees her singing about marrying a rock star, not actually being one. […]
normal twd0508 2629 - Emily Kinney on Beth's Shocking Mid-Season Finale Decision (Spoilers)

Emily Kinney on Beth’s Shocking Mid-Season Finale Decision (Spoilers)

by Shawn Hopkinson 12/02/2014
Why? That’s the question that ran through my head after watching the mid-season finale, “Coda.” Beth’s anger at being out-maneuvered by Dawn and being forced to give up Noah was understandable, sure, but her decision to stab her with tiny scissors didn’t really seem to make any sense. It was unlikely to kill Dawn to […]

Beth and Daryl

Emily Kinney Weighs in on Beryl, Bethyl, Deth, Whatever You Want to Call It

by Shawn Hopkinson 03/12/2014
Whether you hate Bethyl (and I know some of you do, I know you hate all ships and think this stuff if turning The Walking Dead into Twilight), or you love it and think it was meant to be, it sure looks like “something” is developing between Darly Dixon and Beth Greene on The Walking […]
the walking dead spinoff - The Walking Dead Spinoff Ideas From The Cast

The Walking Dead Spinoff Ideas From The Cast

by Jakobion 10/05/2013
The Walking Dead spinoff announcement has really energized the fans of the show as it will give them another cool series to check out, along with some scenarios to dream about. What could it actually be about? At this point, the door is really wide open in terms of what the show could be about. […]