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Fear The Walking Dead Teaser Trailer

by Alex Beanon 03/30/2015
Good morning Los Angeles, apparently there’s a strange virus going around, so watch out for mysterious things like teaser trailers for “The Walking Dead”‘s new, upcoming companion series, “Fear The Walking Dead” due out in Summer 2015…
"You're Not Safe" Trailer

‘You Are Not Safe’ In This New The Walking Dead Promo

by Shawn Hopkinson 09/04/2014
This new trailer for season five of The Walking Dead makes it appear that the most dangerous thing in the new season starting Oct. 12 isn’t Terminus, and it certainly isn’t walkers. It’s Rick. That falls well in line with Andrew Lincoln’s recent promises about a more brutal and adult season. Here’s Rick’s voiceover for […]

Season Five Rick

Be Teased by This Ten Second Teaser For The Season Five Premiere

by Shawn Hopkinson 08/21/2014
This ultra-short video is just a dirty, dirty tease. But it’s still something you on the hook while you wait out the 52 days until the start of season five. So what do we see in this quick arrangement of scenes? Nothing that looks very good for our survivors.  It includes: People in gas masks […]

New Walking Dead Teaser Video Shows Struggles In Second Half Of Season 4

by Jakobion 01/25/2014
The Walking Dead will be returning on February 9th on AMC, and there is a new video they released showing some of the struggles, and hardships, we can expect to witness when season 4 begins again. The video discusses the fall of the prison, and how the now separated group must survive the “brutal” world […]

Four New The Walking Dead Teaser Clips

by Jakobion 08/24/2011
AMC has released 4 new clips that will only add to the hype of season 2 of The Walking Dead.  These clips will be shown on TV in preparation for the upcoming season that will begin on October 16th of this year.  The hit television series is about the zombie apocalypse and a group of people who are […]