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scott gimple

Scott Gimple Discusses TWD Midseason Finale And What Awaits In February

by Peter Paltridgeon 12/01/2015
There’s a new interview with TWD showrunner Scott Gimple on Yahoo TV, in which he discusses key scenes from the midseason finale, the evolution of certain characters, and what awaits in the second half that starts February 14. Here are the most interesting parts from that conversation…. (If you haven’t watched the episode yet, the […]
katelyn nacon

Katelyn Nacon Confirms Turtle-Eater-Girl Has Secrets

by Peter Paltridgeon 11/24/2015
Last Sunday (SPOILERS ahead) Glenn just survived, somehow, and fittingly the next thing he did was encounter another person who does the same frequently. Katelyn Nacon sat down for a discussion with Yahoo TV about Enid, the character she plays, and if there’s more to her than we’ve seen so far. We will indeed learn […]

Robert Kirkman - Robert Kirkman Chats About Fear The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman Chats About Fear The Walking Dead

by Peter Paltridgeon 05/19/2015
IGN interviewed Robert Kirkman recently about the development process regarding his upcoming Walking Dead spinoff, Fear The Walking Dead. Here’s the Cliffs Notes version of what he revealed.* The show is Dave Erickson’s product as much as it is Robert’s: “Working with Dave, he and I came up with all these characters and created this […]
walking dead norman reedus fix for daryl dixon images e1377031801471 - AMC's Blog Posts Norman Reedus Q&A

AMC’s Blog Posts Norman Reedus Q&A

by Peter Paltridgeon 04/10/2015
The official blog of AMC has posted a post-season interview with Norman Reedus. He discusses the events of the past few episodes, his methods of playing Daryl, and what flavor of bootleg beer Daryl would create for himself. Norman unwinds by riding his motorcycle: “I always have my motorcycle on set, so I’ll ride through […]

AMC TWD Gallery  Zombies Upshot 1745gn V1 - 'No Sanctuary' Post-Mortem Question and Answers Roundup

‘No Sanctuary’ Post-Mortem Question and Answers Roundup

by Shawn Hopkinson 10/15/2014
Update: We’ve also seen a theory that one of the walkers in the premiere is Andrea. It seemed plausible because she’s very similarly dressed to how Andrea was when she died and wearing handcuffs, but Greg Nicotero busted this theory during a podcast interview here. Now that we’ve all had time to watch and rewatch […]
walking dead season 4 episode 9 michonne - Danai Gurira on What Drives Michonne in "After"

Danai Gurira on What Drives Michonne in “After”

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/10/2014
Last night’s The Walking Dead episode, “After,” was a harrowing look at the new status quo of our characters. But if you’re a Michonne fan, only one scene is burned into your brain this morning. If you haven’t caught the episode yet, read no further, because after this be spoilers, and the scene is something you […]

Walking Dead Season Four

Norman Reedus on Daryl’s Appeal

by Shawn Hopkinson 02/07/2014
The Los Angeles Times just published a profile of Norman Reedus that’s more than worth checking out. Reedus tells the Times that he thinks his character’s appeal goes beyond redneck trappings. It’s a story about redemption, he says. “It’s not because Daryl is a redneck,” Reedus said. “I think people are drawn to him because […]
episode 7 firing line 349x240 - Get Ready for The Walking Dead's Return!

Get Ready for The Walking Dead’s Return!

by Jackon 01/30/2012
It’s been over two months since The Walking Dead mid-season finale aired and it left us hungry for more action. The first half of the second season finished up with the showdown at Hershel’s Farm, and the story of Sophia coming to an end. The Walking Dead will be hitting our screens once again in […]